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Farewell To A Friend



 With heavy hearts and extreme sadness the Alumni staff and it's members share their condolences with the family of Mr. Bill Gassman Jr.. Bill was the Recording Secretary of the Alumni and also a member since its founding in 1991. But more than that Bill  had an upbeat attitude and tempo that just seemed to rub off and make your day a little brighter. His happy greeting and smiling face will be remembered by the numerous friends that he acquired through the years. His generosity was there for all to see, and Bill was always willing to share it without remorse. Weather it be attending and volunteering at Alumni events and games, or helping with the church collection he did everything with devotion. His softball playing days since the early 70s have been written in Fishtown history. To this day there has never been, or ever will be a better player at his position than he. The Alumni and Fishtown community have lost a true friend and the void left by this loss will be a hard  one to duplicate. Thank You Billy.








***Remembering Jack Moore***

 This December 9, 2018, we will remember the ninth anniversary of the passing of our friend, coach, and one time president of the Fishtown Athletic Club, as well as chairman of the Fishtown Athletic Club Alumni Association, Mr. Jack Moore. As we all know Jack meant so many things to so many people. Please click the Jack Moore Memorial page in the link above.  







**2018 Alumni / Debbie Szumowski Scholarship Winners**




On Saturday August 18th., the Alumni Association hosted it's annual Scholarship Presentations and Community Blue/Gray softball game. That day the scholarships were awarded to Molly Curran, Robert Gentner, Joseph McKillip, Joshua Phillips, Sophia Rosati, and Timothy Wentzel. With the presentation of these awards since 1996, the Alumni Association has granted more than $141,000 in scholarships to the deserving youth of the community. Thanks to all that make the scholarship activity possible.


The annual Blue/Gray softball game followed the presentation ceremony. This year we were pleased to be sponsored by two great local companies. The Yuster Allstate Insurance Agency, and Mr. Mike O'Brien of My Philly Realty. The Alumni, as always, appreciate the kind generosity of the fine folks at Fishtown Market. Over the years the game has been a tightly contested affair, however this year was out of the norm, with the Gray team prevailing 20-1. In the end it is not the score that matters as much as what the entire day is about; that is awarding deserving youth and bringing old friends back together. Regardless of the score, all of the participants enjoyed the picnic following the game.



*Please keep in mind that all past Fishtown Athletic Club players and Alumni Scholarship winners 18 years of age and older are eligible to become a member in the Alumni Association. Please email or snail mail to Mr. Bill Gassman 2314 Memphis St. Phila. Pa. 19125 for information on becoming a member. You may also visit the web page at The Alumni Association look forward to your participation.








New Co - Sponsor For 2018 Blue/Gray Game



The Alumni are especially grateful To Mr. Mike O'Brien of My Philly Realty for his generous donation, as well as being a co sponsor of this years game. A big thank you also to Mr. John Nolano of My Philly Realty who filled in for Mike at a recent Alumni meeting. John presented a check from My Philly Realty to Alumni president Mr. Dennis Reid. Mike and John both look forward to being a big part of the Fishtown community and the Alumni are pleased to have them.





Thanks again to our great sponsors, Fishtown Market 2328 E. Norris St., along with the terrific folks at the Yuster Allstate Insurance Agency 209 N. 3rd. St., for their support in making this event a special Fishtown tradition!! 









We are saddened to learn of the passing of John "Reb" Bland. John was a mainstay on the Fishtown softball circuit as well as a friend of the Alumni. John had a big heart and was liked by all that he came in contact with. He will be missed not only for his huge personality, but also for his immense generosity.







Fishtown A.C. Softball???


Yes, In the early 1980's thru the mid to late 1980's there was a softball team! This is the 1980 Fishtown Athletic Club softball team coached by Jack Moore and sponsored by Ted's 700 Bar that participated in and won the 1980 A.S.A. tournament, and also represented Fishtown in the South Philadelphia Palumbo League located at 10th. and Fitzwater Sts.. Fantastic.











Memory lane and Fishtown Pride



As a 12 year old in 1968, we were so proud to wear our Fishtown A. C. uniforms. No sooner did school let out and that uniform went right on, 3 hrs. before the game! What a great feeling that was. Thanks to all the past and present coaches that make the A.C. and the Alumni great. This is one of the original patches from the mid 1960's that the board members, and coaches wore on their blazer jackets during the different events, outings, and awards ceremonies held by the Fishtown Athletic Club. Such a special time in Fishtown history.






2018 Membership Drive


Thank you to all our members and sponsors for making the 2018 membership drive a wonderful success. With your continued support the Alumni can continue to award scholarships to deserving students for years to come. We are always open to adding new members, so please join today and become part of this special Fishtown tradition. Thank You.









Best wishes to past Alumni Scholarship winner Paul Gassman Jr. on his enlistment in the Air Force. Paul will be stationed at San Antonio,Texas. Good Luck Paul!













2017 Fishtown Athletic Club Alumni Scholarship Awards and Annual Blue Grey/Community Softball Game





Thank you to all those that participated in this years game. Thank you to the players, scholarship winners, our wonderful sponsors, and staff members of the alumni for making this event so special and so rewarding for our Fishtown community. Congratulations to the grey team on their 9-3 victory and to the deserving scholarship winners. See you in 2018.











Fishtown Athletic Club Alumni Scholarship Day & Community Softball Game 2017



On Saturday August 12th, the Alumni Association presented deserving students with scholarships and hosted the annual community softball game. Each scholarship winner was awarded $1,250.00 to help offset the cost of their educations. This years scholarship awards brought the total number of scholarships the Alumni Association has awarded since 1995 to 116, amounting to $134,000 over the years. As always the scholarships were awarded in memory of the late Debbie Szumowski.

The Blue Grey Community softball game was then played under much more favorable weather conditions than were experienced in 2016 when the temperature soared to the upper 90's. The Gray team was captained by Greg Fox and the Blue squad was led by Marc Alecia. Over the first three innings the game was close with the Gray team holding a slim 1-0 lead. In the fourth inning the Gray team scored three runs and followed up with a five run fifth inning. Going into the seventh inning the Gray team held a sizable 9-0 lead. In the top of the seventh the Blue team showed signs of life but their rally was cut short with the Gray team prevailing 9-3. All of the players enjoyed themselves and were treated to a picnic lunch following the game. This years game sponsor was the Yuster Allstate Insurance Agency. The Alumni Association would like to extend a sincere thank you to the Yuster Agency for their financial support.






***Alumni Scholarship Award Winners 2017***





The Alumni are pleased to announce the names of this years scholarship winners.

Olivia McKnight, Joshua Phillips, Matthew O'Brien, Jaclyn Ellis, Timothy Wentzell, Kayla Seedes, Brianna Seedes.

Congratulations and thank you to all involved in what has become an annual and wonderful event for the Fishtown community. Good job students!





Alumni offers new "Fishtown" merchandise!


The new merchandise includes Tee Shirts $20.00, Sweat Shirts $25.00, Hoodies $30.00, as well as Head Visors $15.00. All the items proudly have "Fishtown "displayed on them and the Alumni logo on the sleeve. Merchandise can be purchased evenings at 2314 Memphis Street, and beginning April 1, 2017 during the day at the Allstate Insurance Agency Offices at 209 N. 3rd. Street at (Race Street).











"Alumni Scholarship Awards And Game Day 2016"


















*****Alumni Check Presentation*****



On Saturday April 23, 2016  the alumni were pleased to present a check to Pastor Shaun Hyska of the First Presbyterian Church located on Girard Avenue. Once a month the church provides a wonderful community service by serving dinner to all in the community. The check will help bolster the churches food pantry and provide more satisfying meals to the Fishtown community. 








**Palmer Park Tree Planting**